Friday, March 2, 2012

The Royal Exchange

Welcome to the Royal Exchange building! 
It was here, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that Mancunian sellers and buyers met to exchange commodities, goods, and services. Between 1914 and 1931 it was the largest trading room in England! The cotton trade reached its peak in 1912, and at one point the Exchange was even named after it! Following the First World War, the high cost of British cotton, and the increase in production elsewhere in the world, led to a slow decline of the British cotton industry. 

Just how much cotton was manufactured and sold from Manchester in 1912?

Take a guess! 
A. 600 million square yards (501.676 km²)
B. 3 billion square yards (3,508 km²)
C. 8 billion square yards (6,700 km²)

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